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The Film

The Story

Two gay men, Billy and Gail, have impossible dreams of raising a family.  They get married, study parenting, foster and adopt six boys and girls, and together create a successful conservative suburban family household.  It's that magical place we call home, with two dogs, two SUV's, two dads, kids who respect their parents and teachers, blessings before dinner and a white picket fence (actually chain-link).  The children  thrive and blossom.  This is a completely ordinary family, and yet it's a miracle.   The world needs to see this completely ordinary miracle and so we're making a documentary!

Making a Difference

This film will empower parents and potential parents by showing that effective parenting can be learned.  It will demonstrate that adopting 'special needs' and ‘older’ children is a great ways to build a family.  It will reduce prejudice against abandoned kids and reduce prejudice against gays in general and gay's as parents.  Above all it will inspire everyone who cares about the future of families in America.

The attitudes of audience members will change as they see the glow of trust and respect, which shines from every member of the family as the they work together to meet the challenges of their lives.

In the interest of reaching a broad audience the film will not make moral or political judgments, such as 'same sex marriage rights are good' or 'homophobia is bad.'  Such judgments are unnecessary; the family speaks for itself.  Viewers will sit down to watch the film expecting to see a melee of judgments: who's right? who's wrong? who's good, bad, guilty or innocent?  By the time the credits roll the audience will know in their guts that when it comes to building a family or a community, sexual orientation is nearly irrelevant.  It's about love.